Focus Care Support

Focused care comes to Greater Manchester and throughout the past ten years Hope Citadel has been working to improve the way healthcare is delivered across Greater Manchester.

When they first set out to work in areas which had been under-doctored, it was very clear that it would take more than prescription to fix many of the problems encountered by GPs and Practice staff.

In 2010 HCH employed their first Focused Care Practitioner to see if they could find a solution to filling gaps which medicine, or social care, in isolation and other areas that it seems cannot be fixed.

Patients could be referred by their GP, practice staff, local community workers or even the police, and then the Focused Care Practitioner following a detailed assessment can begin to work with the patients & household if needed to begin to unpick problems, assess individual needs and using local health community contacts in order to begin to bring stability to an often difficult or sometimes chaotic situation.

Focused care practitioners bring together agencies and patients, and also establish accountability for the patient and for the agencies involved.

Meaning that appointments are attended, and Practical support can be provided. 

A glimmer of hope comes to the individual or that household.

Time and time again Focused Care has seen lives transformed by the little bit of kindness, extra care and support that is provided by the focused care team, thus giving support, coping mechanisms and assisting with backup for when life gets too much to handle.

Our motto is to make the invisible patients VISIBLE!

The focused care model is the only service we know that has this central aim of making the invisible patient visible.

This long term resource is now available at Royton medical centre. 

Our Focused Care Practitioner here is Julie who has had an interesting and varied life and has a long nursing back ground she has a keen ambition to make a difference in your physical health, mental health and social wellbeing not just for you but also your family members if they need it. 

Julie works here at Royton medical centre on Tuesdays and Fridays & Referrals can be made through the surgery.

It is important to note this is not an emergency service or crisis team you are respectfully asked to please contact the relevant emergency service in the first instance if the help you need is immediate.

Focused care support can be offered to you when you are ready.

Why not become visible and make a difference in your own life?

By improving your Health & Wellbeing With a little help along the way from Focused Care!