PPG Meeting November 2022

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Thank you to the members of our PPG who attended our meeting on 24th November. It was a lovely meeting to be a part of and we were pleased that all patients felt that they could talk openly about their experiences of the practice. We have taken on board all the feedback given and hope that this will allow us to build a strong foundation for the future partnership with our PPG. It was encouraging after speaking to our members to discover the wide range of skills, experiences and viewpoints that the group encapsulates.

As it was our first meeting since resuming the PPG after COVID, we have put forward a new Chair for the PPG and discussed how often we will meet and tabled a number of talking points about the surgery. Notably our new eConsult system and how this is changing the way the patients make appointments.

We look forward to our next meeting where we will further discuss the issues raised in this meeting and how we can integrate the PPG further moving forwards.

Thank you again to all our PPG members for agreeing to give up their time to support us.